Yin Fu


Portrait photographer

UCLA Class of 2014

About me:

I received my first camera as a high school graduation gift back in 2010. But, disappointed with the first few images it produced, I then left my camera on my bookshelf. A year later, during my trip to Taiwan, I made the determination to bring my camera with me wherever I go. It was then I realized photography is a medium that aligns the head, eye and heart – it lets me view the world with my very own perspective. Photography is a way of life that forever changed me and how I perceived the world.


I shoot for UCLA’s renowned newspaper, The Daily Bruin, for two years and covered more than 50 stories. But, besides capturing moments that tell a story, I am also skilled at crafting lights in the studio. As a portrait photographer, I always endeavor to reveal every interesting facet of my subjects, whether indoors or out. With event photography, my mission is to capture every authentic emotion whenever presented with the opportunity. Integrating a photojournalistic perspective into my style, I strive to make photographs that reproduce the liveliness and joy of your important event.

Website: www.facebook.com/YinFutography

Contact: YinFutography@gmail.com