Thursday Intro to Photo/Low Light Photography Workshop
Thursday: Meet in Ackerman floor 1, near Panda Express, 5pm.

Friday Trip to Grove + LACMA, 
Friday: Meet at Bruin Bear, 4pm. Bring $ for bus (1.75 each way) and food.

Death Valley signups coming soon

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Hello all! Week three mark’s Photo Club’s first outing of the quarter! This Friday we will be going to Grove in West Hollywood for some nighttime street shooting. Grove is an upscale shopping and dining area with a gorgeous, lively promenade; perfect for candid photos or simply browsing the shops (we’ll do both). If there’s time/interest, we’ll make the short walk to LACMA and indulge in /the/ LA tourist photo op… those lamps tho. Meeting time and place is the Bruin Bear, Friday the 23rd at 4:00pm as usual. Bring money for the bus ($1.75 each way) plus food!

We’re also holding our first of many mid-week events this Thursday! Come hang out with us and learn about the basics of photography, as well as some key tips about low-light and night photography. Whether you’re a beginner just starting with your camera, an enthusiast who’s looking for more in-depth technical advice, or simply a photographer who wants to optimize their low-light shots either in camera or in post, we’ll have info for you. We’re meeting on Ackerman Level 1, near Panda Express at 5pm. See you all there!