Week 3: Downtown LA and Pre-Meeting Workshop

WHAT: Downtown LA Photo Walk and Pre-Meeting Workshop

WHERE/WHEN: Bruin Bear, Friday (10/24) @ 4 PM. Pre-outing portrait and long exposure workshop @3:30 PM at the Bruin Bear.

HOW: Bring $3.50 including quarters, more if you want to buy food.

This week, the Photography Club will be holding a downtown LA photo walk! If you’ve a penchant for photographs, there are few cities better suited than Los Angeles; we’ll be trekking around the financial district, making various stops at and around Disney Concert Hall, the and the “famous” 3rd Street Bridge. Cityscapes, long exposures, architectural shots, portraits, street photography- the possibilities are endless on this trip, so make sure to join us this Friday! Meet at the Bruin Bear, 4pm. Make sure to bring $3.50 for the bus… or more if you’d like to grab a bite to eat while we’re out!

In addition to our dtLA trip, we will also be holding a pre-meeting workshop for members interested in learning a bit more about long exposure and portrait photography. Join us at 3:30 at the Bruin Bear if you’re keen to gain some knowledge and skills that will be useful for the day’s outing, or if you simply want to get to know your officers a bit better. Think of them like “officer hours.” Ha.