Week 5: Flash Photography Portrait Shoot

IMPORTANT: please note that the event this week has changed from the Gavin Holt workshop to our flash photography portrait shoot.

We are very sorry to report that Gavin Holt is extremely sick today and unfortunately will not be able to host the introduction to wedding photography workshop as originally intended. We apologize for the unforeseeable circumstances and to everyone who looked forward to the event. Rest assured that we are continuing to work with Gavin in order to host the event later on during the quarter.

Since we did not want to come away with a lack of Friday eventĀ fun, we are hosting a…

Date: Friday, May 2, 2014
Time: 4PM – 6PM
Location: Ackerman 3517 and then around campus
Bring (optional): flash and light modifier (reflector, umbrella, etc.)
Contact for more information: Nick Lie

Details: Photo Club shoots Photo Club! At this event we’ll be practicing our portrait shooting as well as discussing how to add artificial light sources to your photos! We will start in Ackerman with a brief discussion, and then we will get out on campus and put our cameras (and flashes) to work!

Thank you for understanding, and we’ll be seeing you later today!