Week 4: Street Photography

Hi all!

Thanks for coming out to last week’s Downtown LA trip! We were extremely pleased with the turnout, and everybody had tons of fun! It was great to see the photo club FB page on Saturday and Sunday continuously updated with shots from Friday.

Date: Friday, April 25, 2014
Time: 4PM – 9PM
Location: Ackerman 3517
Contact for additional info: Nick Lie or Brent Kyono, a.k.a. Brick, on Facebook
Details: Come learn how to snap candid photos on the street and capture what’s going on in other people’s lives! We will have a classroom session for approximately 30-45 minutes to get everyone oriented, and then we will head into Westwood and walk around. After shooting, we will head to dinner at Noodle World. NOTE: even if you don’t arrive at 4PM, we still encourage you to join us whenever you can; just message one of the officers to learn where to meet up.

Date: Friday, May 2, 2014
Gavin is a wedding photographer based in Los Angeles and Orange Country, and we are incredibly lucky to have him visit and talk about wedding photography. This is likely the biggest workshop of the entire SCHOOL YEAR and will last several HOURS, so if you are interested in EXTREMELY valuable knowledge at absolutely NO COST, then definitely plan on attending next Friday! More information to come…stay tuned!

See you all on Friday!