Week 3: Pinhole Cameras and Ultra-long-exposure Photography (signup deadline THURS NOON)

Thanks to everyone who attended the photoshop workshop! This week:

Pinhole Cameras and Ultra-Long-Exposure Photography:

This week, Friday, January 24th,  we’ll be holding a workshop on pinhole cameras and ultra-long-exposures! We’ll be meeting in Boelter Hall 5440 from 6pm-8pm. For those who aren’t familiar, ultra-long-exposure photography is exactly what it sounds like; long (1 mo – 12 mo) exposures that will allow us to record the transformation of spaces over time, the passage of the sun through the skies, and more! In this workshop, we’ll be discussing the origin of the camera, play with a simple camera obscura, and build pinhole cameras to take ultra-long-exposure shots similar to the examples here. Because there is a materials  cost involved with the workshop, we’ll be charging $5 for attendance.  If you would like to participate, please RSVP here ASAP (deadline this Thursday, noon).

If you are interested in building your own pinhole camera, we’ll be following a variant of the instructions given here.