Week 1: General Meeting + Mentor/Mentee Groups + Photo Club Shoot

Welcome Back

We hope that you’ve all had a great Winter Break! It’s time to get back into the swing of things with the Photography Club at UCLA as we bring you another quarter full of workshops, shoots, outings, and more.

General Meeting + Sunset Workshop + Intro to Photography + Meet the Mentors:

Next week, Thursday, January 9th,  is our General Meeting! We’ll be starting off with a sunset photography workshop on Boelter 9th floor at 4:30 PM. Sunset is at 5:01PM, so be there early to set up and get ready to shoot! Don’t forget your camera and a tripod, if you have one.

For new members and those with new cameras, we’ll also be holding an introduction to photography workshop at the same time. Don’t feel like shooting? Just stop by and catch up! We’ll be holding the in-classroom general meeting at 5:45PM, so meet up with us at 9th floor before we head to the classroom.

Stop by for an overview of the club and our plans for the quarter!  We’ll also be selling our awesome club shirts for $15, so be sure to pick one up!

If you signed up for the mentor/mentee program, be sure to come! Mentor/mentee groups will be heading to dinner after the meeting!

(Our usual meetings will still be on Friday. We have a Thursday time 1st week because of possible conflicts with ski trips held by other clubs).


Mentor/Mentee Program (FORM DUE TUESDAY 11:59PM!):

Did you just get your camera and want to learn more about the basics of photography? Or are you more advanced and willing to delve into landscape or portrait photography with an expert? For the 2013-2014 school year, we’re starting a mentor system to help you develop your skills and answer your questions in a more personal way! If you already have been assigned a mentor, please fill out the form if you would like to continue as part of the program.

We have a wide variety of officers who will be your mentors for this year. Please fill out this form so we can get to know you a little better and match you with a Photo Club mentor. Even if you do consider yourself an experienced photographer, please think about signing up!


Photo Club Shoots Photo Club: (FORM DUE FRIDAY, JAN 10th 11:59PM): 1930s-50s HK/Shanghai themed shoot

This quarter we’re planning a formal, club-wide fashion/period shoot! Date: TBD, last few weeks in the quarter. This event will give photography club members the chance to see what it’s like to be on both sides of the camera for a large shoot with all the frills (costuming, makeup, hair). The theme is 1930s-50s HK/Shanghai.

We’ll be discussing details further down the road, but IF YOU ARE INTERESTED PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM (DUE FRIDAY, JAN 10th).

Because we would like to include as many people as possible, and we have a low budget, we want to source as much costuming from what people have available. Please see here for inspiration, as well as period cinema such as Shanghai Bund/The Last Tycoon/The Grandmaster/The Bullet Vanishes/Dangerous Liaisons/etc.

We’re going for more cinema-style shooting than for fashion/beauty, so even every-day period attire is fine (and might be better).


Girls: Think Qipao/Cheongsam (no red please unless you have no other option) or period Western-style attire, and accessories such as fans, boas, smoking pipes.

Guys: Suit and trilby hats, other period attire. Everyday period wear (doesn’t have to be a suit) or gangster chic: as long as it looks good and the era’s right, we’ll roll with it.



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