Week 2: Landscape Workshop w/ Jeff Lewis + Bonfire Signup

Hello all!

Thanks to everyone who went to the General Meeting! The schedule for the quarter can be seen here.

This week, we will be meeting on Friday in  Ackerman 2408 at 4PM for a workshop on landscape photography with semi-professional photographer Jeff Lewis! While Jeff hasn’t shot a single portrait in his life (actually, that’s a lie), he’s devoted many years to shooting natural landscapes and studying meteorology in order to maximize his chances of being in the right place at the right time. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to set yourself up to shoot amazing landscapes, and once you’ve found the right moment, composing and taking a photo with lasting impact. Professional photographers will often charge hundreds of dollars to tell you these things, but you’re about to learn them for free! All skill levels welcome.

If you are in the mentor program, keep an eye out for an email or text from your mentor about your group’s next official event. Most groups will be heading to dinner after the workshop on Friday. If you missed last week’s general meeting, you must attend this week’s workshop or you may be removed from the program.

We’ll also be selling our awesome club shirts for $15, so be sure to pick one up!

Mentor/Mentee Program:

For anyone who missed Friday’s meeting and did not notify us beforehand, or be specifically approved otherwise, you have been removed from our mentor list. Email us if you’d like to be re-added. If you would like to be part of the program, and did not sign up, please talk to us at the end of this Friday’s meeting.

Mentees, we’re going out for dinner again after the meeting! We’ll also be doing some fun activities after the dinner, so free up your schedules and don’t be late!

Bonfire Signup:

4th week Friday will be the Photography Club’s Beach Bonfire event! Come for food, friends, games, and more! We’ll also be doing a quick landscape workshop on the beach, and a light painting activity. There’s a cost of $7 for the event (covering food, transportation, etc.), and signups are here. We’re closing them soon, so sign up now!

Los Angeles Events this week: LA ArtWalk + Venice ArtBlock

UCLA’s CAC is hosting a trip to Downtown LA’s LA ArtWalk, a monthly showcase and celebration of galleries, artists, restaurants, shops and small businesses located in Downtown Los Angeles. They’ll be bussing there from Lot 4 this Thursday, the 10th, at 5:30pm and coming back at around 9:30. You can sign up for the event here.  

This Sunday is Venice ArtBlock open studio tours, the Venice version of LA ArtWalk, with music, food trucks, wine sponsors, performances, discussions, demonstrations, readings, live art, crafts and more.


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