Week 5: Lightroom Workshop w/ Jeff Lewis

This week, we’ll be doing a Lightroom workshop with landscape photographer Jeff Lewis!
If you’re currently processing all of your images in Photoshop…you’re missing the chance to save hours upon hours of your valuable time. Lightroom is much more than just a tool for editing images. It’s a true digital darkroom built around workflow, which means that not only can you use it to make your images pop, but also to dramatically speed things up and allow you to edit hundreds of images in a matter of minutes.
For the last three years, Jeff has been processing almost all of his images in Lightroom. Feel free to check out his portfolio or flickr for examples. This Friday, you can expect to learn a bunch of secrets that professional photographers use to process their images, and strategies that will not only help your images pop more, but also to save you hours of editing time. All skill levels are welcome — even if you’ve never used or heard of Lightroom before, just download it and we’ll get you started!
If you don’t have Lightroom, don’t worry — Lightroom 5 Beta, the latest and greatest version, is currently FREE to download from Adobe’s website.
We will be meeting on Friday 5/3 at 3:45PM in Ackerman 2408 ! Please make sure to bring a laptop (or a friend with a laptop). Your body will thank you for taking a quick study break in between midterms!

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