Week 1 Meeting + Activities Fair


Thanks to everyone who went to the Enormous Activities Fair! We had a great time and it was a big success!

For those who kindly let us take their portraits, photos are below.

The first meeting of the year will be next Friday, September 30th! We’ll be heading over to Santa Monica (pier and 3rd street) for a photo expedition!  We’ll be meeting at Ackerman Turnaround at 3:45 PM and leaving down to catch a Big Blue Bus at 4:00pm.  Bring at least $1.00 in change (.50 for there and .50 for the return trip) and your Bruin Card and any other money you may want for food. The sun will be setting a little after 6:30, so we’ll be staying down there until 6 or later.

For those curious about our awesome photography club shirts, a survey will be sent out shortly through the mailing list.

If you haven’t signed up for the Facebook group or the forums yet please do! The forums can also be accessed from the top menu.

And… Photos.




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