Week 3 Meeting!

Hello everyone!
This Friday at 4:00pm we’ll be meeting at Ackerman Turnaround and then heading down to the bus stop to go to Venice Beach! The ride is $.35 each way with a Bruincard, so bring a handful of change. ¬†We’ll head back around sunset and maybe grab dinner while we’re there. Everyone in venice is crazier than the next person, so get ready for some interesting photos ūüėÄ
We are now accepting submissions for out Photo Club Gallery showing Week 7 in Kerkhoff Art Gallery! EVERYONE is welcome to contribute! Our theme will be Primary Colors.
To submit:
1. Email in your photo corresponding to our theme. (Post processing is allowed as long as it’s reasonable and tasteful).
2. Include your name and a blurb that will be printed and placed beside your photo.
3. Pay for printing and matting here:¬†http://goo.gl/jN0G7. We won’t be able to incude your photo without it!
We’ll be having a gala event on Monday May 9 and will¬†auction off photos at the end of the event with a portion of the proceeds going to a charitable organization TBD. ¬†Keep your eyes open for an upcoming facebook event for the gallery! Invite your friends!
Interested in becoming a Photo Club Officer? Two of the current ones will be leaving, so we’re going to be looking for an opening or two before the quarter is over. ¬†Officer meetings are typically an hour long early in the week. Not much more is required outside of that! It looks really great on a resume. ¬†Go ahead and email us if you’re interested and we’ll see if you can come to a few officer meetings. If you wanna stick around we’ll keep ya!

We have club t-shirts available in all sizes for 15 dollars.  They are American Apparel with a design like this: http://imgur.com/a/ipBOw. Very nice! If you have ordered a shirt, they are now available for pick-up (you can reply back to this email).  We only have 4 mediums and one large left! We are out of smalls until further notice!

<3 Photoclub Staff

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