Week 2 Meeting!

Hello everyone!
This Friday at 4pm in Ackerman 3508 we will be having a DIY photography lesson where we take multiplicity photos akin to these right here.
Things to bring (if you have them!):
Macro/telephoto lenses
Cool stickers, designs, small objects, colorful things that we could use as a background!
Glass (from picture frames perhaps)
We will be having a Gallery showing Week 7 in Kerkhoff Art Gallery. EVERYONE is welcome to contribute! Our theme, as decided by you all in a poll last week, will be Primary Colors. Since they form the basis of all colors, it will be a great and open ended way for people to show their creativity with such a simple prompt.  We will print and matte your submitted photo. We’ll give you more details next week on how to pay for and submit your photos.  We’ll be auctioning off photos at the end of the gallery event with a portion of the proceeds going to a charitable organization TBD.

We have club t-shirts available in all sizes for 15 dollars.  They are American Apparel with a design like this: http://imgur.com/a/ipBOw

. Very nice! If you have ordered a shirt, they are now available for pick-up.

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