Week 1 Meeting!

It’s the first week of Spring quarter, which means back to classes, testing, and most important, photography! We’re heading to the Hammer Museum this Friday, and we’ll be meeting up at 4pm at Ackerman Turnaround. There will be plenty of opportunity to take some shots on the way there and on the way back, when we grab dinner.

We will also be having a showing in Kerkhoff Art Gallery during week 7 of this quarter.  Anyone of you can submit a photo and we’ll get it printed, matted, and hung. As of now, we’re deciding on a theme and you all can help with that: http://goo.gl/FbQFB.  Last year the theme was “Love,” but any other suggestions can be emailed to us as well.

Last thing: T-Shirts are here! If you didn’t get one, we’ve got extras, so send us an email or stop by a meeting and pick one up! For those who did order, you’ll have gotten an email on where to pick up your shirt.

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