Week 7 Meeting and Photo Club T-Shirts!


This week’s meeting we’ll be focusing on basic post-processing in Photoshop! We’ll be in Ackerman 3517 at 4:00 pm this Friday. Feel free to bring your laptop if you have a program or if you’d like to follow along.  After the presentation, we’ll be doing another photo critique! Since we went to Santa Monica last week, send in your favorite beach shots by Thursday night (doesn’t have to be from Santa Monica), and we’ll provide some helpful feedback on how to become a better photographer.

Also, we’re taking orders for Photography Club shirts! They are 14 dollars, American Apparel (very nice!), and look roughly like this. http://imgur.com/a/ipBOw/ucla_photo_club_shirts

You can order them here! IMPORTANT NOTE: After you pay you MUST email us your NAMESIZE and the email account you use with PayPal.  If you want to pay in CASH, drop by our meeting either this week or next and give it to us then.

We’ll be accepting orders through the 28th of February.  We’ll get them printed by the end of this quarter, but may have to distribute them at the beginning of next quarter.  If at anytime you want to cancel your order, simply ask for a refund and we’ll do that for you 🙂

See you on Friday!

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