Week 5 Meeting and New Website!

Hello everyone!

Our forum-based website is out! Check it out by clicking the “forum” link in the top menu bar. To post simply sign up for an account here: http://photoclubatucla.com/phpbb/ucp.php?mode=register (It literally takes a few seconds!)

This way we will be able to share our knowledge as a group, learn about outside photo opportunities, schedule photo meetups with other photographers, learn tutorials and DIY tricks, and buy/sell/rent equipment. Sweet, no?

ALSO: Our quarterly dinner social is at Enzos Pizza this Friday.  We’ll be at Ackerman Turnaround at 5pm and we’ll head down for an early dinner.  Bring some friends and take a break from midterms to enjoy some good food and company.  Bring a little cash so maybe we can order a 23-incher or two!
Hope to see you all there and enjoy the new website!

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