Week 4 Meeting!

In your group of friends, are you tired of being the one behind the camera? Always dreamed of being the subject of the photos for once? Well now is your opportunity!

This Friday at 4pm in Ackerman 3517 (same as last week) we will be discussing directing/posing your subjects when doing a photo shoot. You will not only be learning about certain methods, but after a brief presentation we’ll go out around campus and actually direct each other! We’ll experiment with poses and the surrounding environment. You’ll be able to direct and be directed so you can truly get the full experience of a photo shoot!

ALSO: We’ll be unveiling a new forum-based website in the coming week or two. We’ll have sections where you can schedule meet-ups, share photo opportunities, buy/sell/trade/rent equipment from others, post DIYs, share photos, and so much more!

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