Spring 2010 Week 10

Hello every dear photographer,

Taking photo is a process of art, and eating food is also a process of art. My 21 years life experience told me, knowing how to appreciate food can actually improve your sense of producing artistic photo, and help you to acquire higher level of art appreciation skill. So, we decide to take you to learn how to appreciate the art of korean BBQ.

Yes, the Korean BBQ. The food that many people around the world dream to eat! So, please bring at least 20 dollars. We will also provide rides!

Location: Akerman Union(Next to CTO)

Time: 6:00pm Friday (5/28/2010)

Beside BBQ, we are thinking about after BBQ event?
Drinking? Karaoke? Please leave a message if you are interested in.
Or, if you can come up with something fun, we will be very happy to take you advice!

If you get lost or are running late, please contact Eric Kim (510)-289-8887.

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