Spring 2010: Week 3

Hello once again, people on the internet!

For Week 3, we will be meeting once again at Ackerman Union 2412, FRIDAY, 4-6PM!!! Please note the time change (additional hour)! We will be having a very special guest speaker (a professional model/wedding photographer) who will talk about LIGHTING! Since we will be using some of his equipment and utilizing what we learn by actually shooting, please don’t forget to bring your cameras! If you need some professional-looking pictures for a portfolio or even just a new Facebook profile pic, this is going to be the one meeting you won’t want to miss out on!
So until this Friday! See you guys there!

FACEBOOK LINK: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=112875518733747&index=1


Seminar on Basic Lighting
by Gavin Holt
This course is an introduction to understanding light.  Whether artificial or natural light, a good photographer understands how to use lighting situations to his/her advantage to create good images.  This seminar will start with basic studio lighting setups for portraits, which will expand (based on the students and the instructor) into more experimental setups.  Based on time and location availability, the course will end outside with an introduction to balancing ambient and strobed light.  The seminar is a starting point into using off-camera lighting.
1) light setups – monolight used to create simple but dramatic portraits, ringlight setup if time permits
2) light setups – two monolights used to create a variety of portrait lighting
Balancing light sources – basic ambient / strobe light balancing
Recommended reading:
Strobist 101 series
An excellent source for DIY off-camera lighting, with a very large community (http://www.flickr.com/groups/strobist/pool/).  Effective for understanding how light can be manipulated without breaking the bank.
Getting familiar with my work
Judy Tran (my fiance) should also be attending
She has been second shooting for 3 years and went full-time in July of 2009
Gavin Holt graduated from UCLA, Computer Science and Engineering, in 2004.  He is now a full-time photographer and entrepreneur.  He picked up his first camera less than four years ago, is self-taught, and is currently expanding his portfolio into commercial and fashion work.

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