Shoot for Shoot!

Hey guys, a member of our club (Samiah) just forwarded me this link to a photo contest Urban Outfitters is putting on. Check it out! [Link]

[from the link]

Who: You What: Your pictures — the ones that capture unusual, intense, intriguing, beautiful or transcendent moments. How: Submit a group or album of up to 10 photos fit to be judged by none other than Tim Barber, Nacho Alegre, Jaimie Warren, Madi Ju and Ken Miller — just fill out the submission form and be sure to include the URL of where your photo group or album is hosted. Thirty images will be selected for exhibition at Space 15 Twenty, with winners having the option to consign their photos for cash. Deadline for submissions is October 26th.

Need inspiration?

Check out Ken Miller’s “Shoot,” which features photography of the moment — arresting images created with the use of basic photographic tools and an eye for the dynamic, authentic and extraordinary.

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