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“I hate you for taking my ability to feel” by yinkseo

"I hate you for taking my ability to feel"

UCLA Clothesline Project – Reaching Out of Silence, Joining Hands Against Violence

“The UCLA Clothesline Project is a non-partisan student organization that aims to stop multiple and intersecting forms of sexual violence. We strive to break the silence surrounding sexual violence and raise awareness about this crime that affects everyone regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, economic status, and/or geographic location.”

This was original a string of blue and red shirts hung in the middle of UCLA’s Dickson court. Each of which had a personal message written on it by a rape/sexual abuse victim/survivors. This picture only shows a fraction of the actual shirts hung there.

The shirts were color coded to represent the different types of sexual violence.
The red shirts represent the survivors of rape and/or sexual assault, and blue shirt represent the survivors of incest/child sexual abuse.

Lost at Sea by Erica Li

Lost at Sea

Laughter by Eric Kim


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