Galvin Holt Workshop

  Greetings Photo Club! This week we have another awesome workshop for you all- professional wedding, event and commercial photographer Gavin Holt will be presenting on product lighting and food photography. Join us for a very enthusiastic and informative workshop, and bring your camera to try your hand at the shoot! The meeting will be[…]

Old LA Zoo

Hi Photo Club! This Friday we’re holding an epic photoshoot in the Old LA Zoo at Griffith Park! It’s graffiti-laden walls and abandoned animal cages are the perfect backdrop for environmental portraiture, so don’t hesitate to sign up here. WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR DRIVERS for this event so if you have a car please[…]

Models requested for Old LA Zoo

Next week, we’ll be traveling to Griffith Park to shoot in the Old LA Zoo! Abandoned cages and graffiti-ridden walls lend themselves to excellent portrait backgrounds, which leads me to another point- WE NEED MODELS! If you’re interested in modeling and/or shooting and coming away with some fantastic shots, please sign up for our trip[…]


Hi folks! Sorry for the lack of updates. The club was going through an internal change regarding the website and posts were not able to be made at that time. Nonetheless, here is next week’s event: Jeff Lewis Landscape Workshop This week we have a special landscape workshop planned, led by our club’s former landscape[…]