The Photography Club at UCLA  is a student-run organization which strives to create a community in which photographers of all skill levels can learn more about photography while meeting other photographers. You don’t need an expensive camera to join the club, all you need is a passion for photography!




Q: How do I join?

A: It’s very simple! Just come out to one of the general meetings, introduce yourself, and ask one of the staff members to add you to the email list! That’s all!


Q: Are there any fees I need to pay?

A: None at all! Membership is absolutely free! The only times that will require money are for t-shirts, special events, exhibits, etc.


Q: Do I need an expensive camera to join?

A: No! You don’t even need a camera to join! If you are just interested in the club, feel free to check us out!


Q: When do you guys meet?

A:  Please refer to the “Meeting Times” link.


Q: What do you do at the club meetings?

A: Our meetings are structured in the following way:

1) Introductions

2) Presentations by staff (on composition, technique, equipment, etc)

3) Sharing of Weekly Assignments (described later)

4) Wrap-up

5) Photo Outing (described later)

*Meetings are subject to change slightly from week to week.


Q: What is a Weekly Assignment?

A: Every week, we have a weekly assignment in which we choose a theme (lines, a specific color, or general idea) and we take photos that pertain to that theme. You can then email us the photo at photoclubatucla@gmail.com, then we present the photos during the meetings where fellow members can give comments and critiques.


Q: What are photo outings?

A: After every meeting, we go out together and take photos together. In the past we have been to Downtown LA, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Santa Monica Pier, and the 3rd Street Promenade.